Mammoth Remains found residual

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A group of students have found the remains of a mammoth in rural northeastern state of Russia, the republic of Yakutia.

The students discovered the remains of prehistoric animals when they were looking for charcoal wood to be used for their school work. Similarly, as quoted by Ria Novosti on Tuesday (31/05/2011).

"One of these students find it when you're digging in the dirt with a shovel. When appointed, their findings turned out to be the hip bone fossils of large mammals," said a spokesperson from a local education department.

After that, the archaeologists soon gathered at the site to investigate the bone. "The excavation site will begin in August 2011," he added.

Mammoth is giant mammals are known to their dense fur, long bergading, as well as large. The animal, which lived approximately 4.8 million years ago. They are believed to still the relatives of modern elephants.

When most mammoths died approximately 12 thousand years ago, several species in the form of a smaller size could survive on the island of Wrangle Island, in Arctic seas, to 1700 years BC.

Fossils of mammoths are found in all regions of Siberia.

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