PS4 will be released soon

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PlayStation 3 has not reached the age of 10 years, according to the life as originally proclaimed. Even so, future generations has now been prepared. Even the design is almost completed. His name is PlayStation 4 or PS4.

Since its launch on November 11, 2006, PS3 reap success in various countries. During his first appearance of Sony's bold claims that the PS3 is Blu-ray video player cheapest available at that time.

Unfortunately, although the PS3 has an amazing ability, the developers of games has not optimally explore the advantages it has. This is a new challenge for Sony PS4 when launching later.

Currently PS4 is still in concept stage and development. But when entering the mass production later confirmed about 60 percent of console game is made from recycled material.

When in stand-by mode or long inactivity, the PS4 did not use electricity. Sony claims 0 watts of power consumed. If true, the PS4 is not only environmentally friendly but also friendly bags.

PS4, which is expected to begin mass production later this year and launched next year, designed by Joseph Dumary. Interestingly, the PS4 will have some features like a personal computer or PC.

One feature that makes a lot of people are amazed at his ability to save game data. When the PS4 does not play and the power is automatically shut down and revived, the last game at left will remain the same.

Such features have only owned a PC. Thus, to play back, no need to do restart. That is, the use of certain electrical power is reduced a lot. PS4 will turn off automatically if unused for 30 minutes.

In addition to showcasing new features, the PS4 comes with hard drives for 1.5 terabytes, although the use of solid-state drive (SSD) is preferred for reasons more environmentally friendly.

Another advantage is its ability PS4 owned three-dimensional video display with 3D Blu-ray, HDMI port, Clound Saving, DPConnect Bravia Sync, and many more.

Rumors persisted that the PS4 will probably be the last game console produced by Sony. Later, along with Microsoft, they will create a new gaming console is more powerful.

Till now not known exactly when the PS4 launch. However, according to a reliable source close to Sony, a Japanese company that has done the production demand of 20 million units next year for the PS4.

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