Cavities trigger kidney infection

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Many people underestimate the toothache. In fact, tooth decay is allowed to continually not only cause pain in the teeth, but also have an impact far more dangerous. Because the cavities could be channeling the entry of blood-borne germs. One of them, a kidney infection.

As many as 72 percent of the entire Indonesian population (children and adults), caries or cavities. If left untreated cavities can rot and infestation of germs. By letting, more vital health threats may occur if we are lazy to take care of your teeth and mouth.

"Germs on a decayed tooth can be carried by the bloodstream. If caught in the pores of the kidney can cause kidney infections and require a larger fee you get out," said Drg Zaura in the event "National Dental Health Month Comes Again, which was initiated by Pepsodent in Jakarta .

Drg. Zaura added that germs can stick in the heart valves and can cause heart disease.

"Therefore, it is important to take care of your teeth and mouth by brushing your teeth twice a day morning and evening, and checked to the dentist every six months," he concluded.

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