JINTAN (Black Cumin)

Jintan is a creeping plant whose seeds can be used for spices and herbs. There are four different types of Jintan namely ordinary, sweet cumin, white cumin and black cumin. However, that is often used by people of white cumin and black cumin. Cumin widely cultivated in India and Southeast Asia. In Indonesia alone, cumin is used less popular compared with other spices.

Cumin (Cuminum cyminum) is a flowering plant from the Apiaceae family. Jintan is thought to originate from the Mediterranean to India daaerah East. In Indonesia, white cumin herbs used as food, especially in the areas of Sumatra, Bali and Sulawesi. In Thailand, known as Yeera, in Malaysia called white caraway or cumin. The smell is very strong white cumin and spicy effect, so often used in curry spices.

While the black cumin (Nigella sativa Linn) is an herb that can be used as a spice in addition to the kitchen, also believed to cure several diseases. Black cumin is more popularly known by the name of Black Seed in Arabic which means the seeds of fun. Like the white cumin, black cumin was derived from the Mediterranean to spread to Asia. Arab society known him since more than 2000 years ago. They use it as a medicinal plant to cope with health problems.

Black cumin Are small-sized, this plant not more than 3 mm, black and stringy. Included in Buttercup or Ranunculaceae family. Not much different from white cumin, black cumin was used as a medicinal plant since the time of Prophet Muhammad SAW are contained in a his hadith "Stay treatment with Habbattusauda for surely he can cure all diseases except death" (Bukhari).

Habbattusauda contains 15 kinds of amino acids included in it there are 9 essential amino acids that can not be produced by the body, which is very good for health. In addition, black cumin also contains an active ingredient called Nigellion and Timocinon. Both of these active substances serve as anti-histamine or anti-allergic, antioxidant, anti infesif and cleared his throat.

Black cumin is also a rich source of unsaturated fatty acids such as arakidat, linoleic acid, eikosanoat and medium-chain fatty acids such as palmitic, stearic and myristic acid. These fatty acids help the body boost the immune system, control of allergic reactions and can prevent infection.

The benefits of Black Cumin

When viewed from the content of nutrients and chemicals from black cumin on top, black cumin seed has many benefits for health. The benefits include:
1. Anti-allergy and influenza
Substance nigellion in black cumin can inhibit protekinase C is a substance that triggers the release of histamine in the body. Histamine is a substance released by bodily tissues, providing an allergic reaction.

2. Digestion and neutralize stomach acid
Contains oil and black cumin volatiles in work to improve the digestive tract and reduce stomach acid and can kill bacteria that cause diarrhea and cholera.

3. Boost immunity
According to research by experts, habbattusauda can increase the number of T cells that are good for increasing natural killer cells, thus helping to boost the immune system and can be used as a bioregulator and can treat a disease that attacks the immune system such as cancer, HIV and others.

4. Improve memory
The content of linoleic acid (omega-6) and linolenic acid (omega-3) in the black cumin is an essential nutrient needed by brain cells to improve memory and intelligence as well as blood circulation to the brain.

5. neutralize poison
The content of saponin in the Seed can neutralize and clean the toxins in the body.

6. anti-tumor
Black cumin may stimulate the bone marrow and immune cells. Compounds contained in black cumin can destroy tumor cells and may boost the immune system.

7. Overcoming sleep disorders and stress
Saponin in black cumin also serves as corticosteroids which may affect the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fats as well as affecting the functioning of the heart, kidneys, muscles and nerves of the body, so it can defend the body from environmental changes, sleep disorders and stress.

8. ASI launched
The combination of unsaturated fatty acids and hormonal structure contained in the seeds of black cumin may stimulate the release of enzymes that produce breast milk so it can launch.
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Cow Milk Allergy in Children

Allergy is a condition where the body becomes hypersensitive to react immunologically because of material or a particular environment or eating certain foods that are considered strange and dangerous by the body.

Foods that cause foreign body reactions are called allergens. This can cause various reactions, such as red rashes on the skin, swelling, hives, eczema, vomiting, shortness of breath, and others that occur to excess.

This situation depends on the condition of the body and cause allergy. Allergies cause discomfort this can even result in death if it is severe and not treated immediately. To avoid this, doctors will suggest to avoid any type of material that can cause allergic reactions.

There are many types of allergies caused by food, one of which is a milk cow. In contrast to lactose intolerance due to the body digest the sugar lactose contained in milk, giving rise to a reaction among others such as bloating, frequent passing of wind, diarrhea or constipation. This cow's milk allergy occurs because the body's immune system considers the protein in milk as something that must be resisted so that the allergic reaction as mentioned above.

If milk allergy is the case since the baby, you should change the type of milk formula given and ask for recommendations from your doctor which type of formula milk should be given to children. Along with age, usually milk allergy in children that have occurred since the baby will go away on its own at the age of 3 or 5 years. However, this allergen can remain there until the child becomes an adult, if after the tests, allergy to milk is still happening.

Infants are always fed babies have a lower risk of allergy milk because breast milk contains nutrients are complete and contain substances that are useful for immunity according to the needs of the baby.

If milk allergy in children, besides avoiding cow's milk, you should also avoid all food products made ​​using cow's milk. If the mother wanted to create a menu that material using cow's milk, can be replaced with other materials such as coconut milk, soy milk, rice milk, or milk nuts.

Milk is a good source of calcium because it is easily absorbed by the body, but not the only food a good source of calcium for bone health because there are many other sources of calcium such as leafy green vegetables, whole grains, beans and their processed products, meat, eggs , and fish eaten with bones like fish so that the daily calcium requirement will still be met.

Due to the outstanding rice milk is still the imported product and only certain places that sell soy milk while many have already sold so it is not difficult to buy.
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10 Steps to Stay Healthy Brain

1. Consumption of foods for a healthy brain
Is food for a healthy brain? These foods are rich in omega-3, adequate protein, many antioxidants, rich in vitamin B, there is little or no trans fat at all, and fiber-rich carbohydrates.

2. Staying mentally active
Every year, for the target to learn new things. Whether it's the language, skills, or a new dance. Importantly, the mind remains active. Avoid television as much as possible and replace it with a computer. Reading as much as possible, and join a variety of classes.

3. Practicing regularly
Sport is very important for the body and brain. Exercise can improve circulation, increase coordination, and help prevent conditions that may increase the risk of dementia, such as heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.

4. Socially active
Do not be a loner. Join with friends, volunteering and working with many people, visiting a variety of new locations. Let your eyes see new sights, the ear hears an unfamiliar voice, and tongue felt new foods.

5. Sleep enough and well
A healthy brain needs sleep and rest. If you lack sleep, the brain will suffer.

6. stress management
Sometimes the body needs a little stress, because it can nourish. However, prolonged stress will make the brain (and body through the immune system) in danger. Many exciting ways to manage stress, such as yoga, hobbies, relax in the spa, and other options. Take advantage and let the stress away from your body.

7. security
Do not take chances. The danger of a head injury should not be underestimated, especially if the injury triggers memory loss.

8. Always watch body health
Keeping the weight, controlling high blood pressure, and the guard of diabetes. Everything can give a negative effect on brain health.

9. Stop bad habits
If you smoke, stop now. Avoid alcoholic drinks as much as possible. Drug use also will give a negative effect on brain health and will accelerate the onset of dementia.

10. Knowing the genetic characters
If there is a history of dementia or the like in a family, you can take precautions before it's too late. Nine steps above can be a good start, plus a consultation with your physician to protect the health of the brain.
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Virgin But Birth? Scientists probe secret science of A Snake

The study published in The Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, show something unusual. This study presents the virgin birth of the first documented by a copper head snake (cooperhead). Female snake is known to have never married, but they can lay eggs and reproduce. Chances are, the survey said, sperm can be stored snake in a long time.

In the world of fauna, individuals who give birth but still a virgin, known as parthenogenesis. "Now it has been observed to occur naturally in all jawed vertebrate lineage, with the exception of mammals," said Warren Booth, one of the authors quoted by MSNBC. "We have recently seen in the genetic confirmation of species such as Boa Constrictor, rainbow boa, various species of shark, the Komodo dragon , and a local turkey. "

Booth, an integrative molecular ecologist at North Carolina State University, analyzed the DNA of the snake cooperhead females without a partner for many years in North Carolina Aquarium, Fort Fisher.

Dramatically, this snake was suddenly generate a very healthy 19 offspring of 10 females and 9 males. DNA analysis confirmed that 19 baby snakes are produced from the sperm a male snake.

Analysis Booth, who co-authored the research with Gordon Schuett of Georgia State University, the female snake is likely to receive when immature sperm in the wild. "It was placed in isolation from men until the time of birth. Therefore, snakes are bred in the wild as a juvenile sexually immature."

Fish, birds, amphibians, insects and other reptiles can also store sperm for a long time. However, Booth said, this does not happen in humans. Human sperm can only survive a few hours. Women are also not able to give birth in a virgin state, aka no previous sexual intercourse with the opposite sex because of certain genes must come from the opposite sex, apart from himself.
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Ozone Layer Found on Venus

The surprise came from Venus, the third planet in the Milky Way galaxy, which was known to also have a layer Ozaon like Earth. The findings that make this world sumringah scientists revealed that a thin layer that surrounds Venus has a density of hundreds of layers that exist on Earth.

European Space Agency (Esa) Venus Express Craft is a party who discovered these findings have been published in the journal Icarus, as quoted by the BBC earlier this month. This finding becomes noteworthy because previously only detected the ozone layer in the atmosphere of Earth and Mars. The presence of ozone in other places will help scientists search for the existence of another planet's life.

Ozone layer Venus spacecraft revealed when Europe is looking at the stars through the atmosphere of Venus. In penerawangannya, they found that the stars appear much fainter than expected, which turns the ozone layer absorbs most ultraviolet light emitted by stars.

The author of the journal, Franck Montmessin LATMOS of atmospheric research center in France explained that the ozone layer ketebatalan Venus has more than 100 kilometers, or three times that of Earth possessed. "We can use these new observations to test and refine the scenarios the possibility of life on other worlds."

Ozone - a molecule containing three oxygen atoms - on Venus is formed when sunlight destroying carbon dioxide in the atmosphere of Venus to form molecular oxygen, the same thing also happened on the Earth's ozone layer.

ESA's project scientist for Venus Express mission, Hakan Svedhem respond to the findings of this international team, "Ozone is detected it tells us much about the circulation and chemical processes in the atmosphere of Venus." But, he added, there has been no evidence to show basic similarities between the rocky planets do with the presence of the ozone layer.

Astrobilogis Some believe the presence of oxygen, carbon and ozone in the atmosphere show that there is life on the planet's surface. But others say that the search for life on Venus can not be done with the findings of oxygen at this time.
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Breakfast make a healthy all day

Ignoring breakfast, many people thought could be an easy way to reduce your calorie intake. The hope, body weight control. According to experts, no breakfast it will cause our bodies are starving all day. As a result we are tempted to snack just about anything, and lunch without control. Of course, being overweight is more easily come.

Conversely, a healthy breakfast will help us to control ourselves in eating lunch and the next. Some studies also show that people who regularly breakfast are more successful in maintaining ideal weight.

Breakfast, a site of the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, and Delicious Low Fat Recipes, useful to provide complete nutrition to the body, such as vitamins and minerals, it also lowers cholesterol levels, so that more energy mennyediakan physically stronger and resilient to move all day. Not only that, but would also be better concentration and performance in the workplace can be optimal.

Generating Energy
To obtain these benefits would have to choose a healthy menu for breakfast. Avoiding foods high in sugar, sodium, saturated fat and calories. It is better to choose food sources of healthy protein and high in fiber, as quoted from an article published on the site Aboutdotcom.

Fruits and vegetables including compulsory menu for breakfast, because vitamins and minerals necessary for normal functioning of organs.

Quite a lot of healthy foods that provide the energy we need to be active, such as sources of protein and complex carbohydrates. Both need time to digest the body, so we will not be hungry sooner, although the activity is quite solid.

Protein can be obtained from lean meat, eggs, dairy products, and nuts. While carbohydrates from whole grains, legumes, etc..

Not only physical energy supplied by carbohydrates and protein complexes, but will also increase brain function.

Do not forget to drink. Nutritional experts recommend the consumption of lots of water in the morning. The liquid can be satisfied from the fruit juice, soup and others.
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PS4 will be released soon

PlayStation 3 has not reached the age of 10 years, according to the life as originally proclaimed. Even so, future generations has now been prepared. Even the design is almost completed. His name is PlayStation 4 or PS4.

Since its launch on November 11, 2006, PS3 reap success in various countries. During his first appearance of Sony's bold claims that the PS3 is Blu-ray video player cheapest available at that time.

Unfortunately, although the PS3 has an amazing ability, the developers of games has not optimally explore the advantages it has. This is a new challenge for Sony PS4 when launching later.

Currently PS4 is still in concept stage and development. But when entering the mass production later confirmed about 60 percent of console game is made from recycled material.

When in stand-by mode or long inactivity, the PS4 did not use electricity. Sony claims 0 watts of power consumed. If true, the PS4 is not only environmentally friendly but also friendly bags.

PS4, which is expected to begin mass production later this year and launched next year, designed by Joseph Dumary. Interestingly, the PS4 will have some features like a personal computer or PC.

One feature that makes a lot of people are amazed at his ability to save game data. When the PS4 does not play and the power is automatically shut down and revived, the last game at left will remain the same.

Such features have only owned a PC. Thus, to play back, no need to do restart. That is, the use of certain electrical power is reduced a lot. PS4 will turn off automatically if unused for 30 minutes.

In addition to showcasing new features, the PS4 comes with hard drives for 1.5 terabytes, although the use of solid-state drive (SSD) is preferred for reasons more environmentally friendly.

Another advantage is its ability PS4 owned three-dimensional video display with 3D Blu-ray, HDMI port, Clound Saving, DPConnect Bravia Sync, and many more.

Rumors persisted that the PS4 will probably be the last game console produced by Sony. Later, along with Microsoft, they will create a new gaming console is more powerful.

Till now not known exactly when the PS4 launch. However, according to a reliable source close to Sony, a Japanese company that has done the production demand of 20 million units next year for the PS4.
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