Ozone Layer Found on Venus

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The surprise came from Venus, the third planet in the Milky Way galaxy, which was known to also have a layer Ozaon like Earth. The findings that make this world sumringah scientists revealed that a thin layer that surrounds Venus has a density of hundreds of layers that exist on Earth.

European Space Agency (Esa) Venus Express Craft is a party who discovered these findings have been published in the journal Icarus, as quoted by the BBC earlier this month. This finding becomes noteworthy because previously only detected the ozone layer in the atmosphere of Earth and Mars. The presence of ozone in other places will help scientists search for the existence of another planet's life.

Ozone layer Venus spacecraft revealed when Europe is looking at the stars through the atmosphere of Venus. In penerawangannya, they found that the stars appear much fainter than expected, which turns the ozone layer absorbs most ultraviolet light emitted by stars.

The author of the journal, Franck Montmessin LATMOS of atmospheric research center in France explained that the ozone layer ketebatalan Venus has more than 100 kilometers, or three times that of Earth possessed. "We can use these new observations to test and refine the scenarios the possibility of life on other worlds."

Ozone - a molecule containing three oxygen atoms - on Venus is formed when sunlight destroying carbon dioxide in the atmosphere of Venus to form molecular oxygen, the same thing also happened on the Earth's ozone layer.

ESA's project scientist for Venus Express mission, Hakan Svedhem respond to the findings of this international team, "Ozone is detected it tells us much about the circulation and chemical processes in the atmosphere of Venus." But, he added, there has been no evidence to show basic similarities between the rocky planets do with the presence of the ozone layer.

Astrobilogis Some believe the presence of oxygen, carbon and ozone in the atmosphere show that there is life on the planet's surface. But others say that the search for life on Venus can not be done with the findings of oxygen at this time.

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